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I recently came across this song “Words” by Hawk Nelson. Wow. I’ve had it on repeat for a few weeks now and each time it just gets me. I’ve been reflecting on the power our words hold. It is so easy for us to tear someone down and only takes about .2 of a second. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’ve done it. It also takes about .5 of a second to build someone up, but an incredible amount effort on our part, at least until it becomes habit. Oh, how I want that to be my natural desire instead of all the nasty things that can fly out of my mouth, especially when I’m hurt or angry.

In addition, the lyrics offer a great strategy and framework for communications as a whole. Yes, I know it’s a Christian song, but the point is to be conscious of our words and not just add to the noise that’s around us, but to make sure what and how we say it counts. Often times, less is more. A few well thought out and placed words can lead to a much bigger impact. Think different, just do it, got milk? – all are well known tag lines from major brands and yet are so simple and no more than three words. Lets aim for everything we say and each word we put out to be that powerful and purposeful.

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