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The Harbor: A Community of Faith


Well I’m excited to announce that I am the new “Communications and Marketing Director” as a volunteer staff member at The Harbor in Beverly, MA. “New” can be taken with a grain of salt, because while I am new to the role, the role itself is also new. That means I’m tasked with figuring everything out from scratch, which is awesome and I’m super excited about.

The basic goal is to develop and oversee this new department in the church. It’s a young church launched in 2007 that I’ve been a part of for about four years now. The cool thing about this role is everything is pretty much wide open. The possibilities are endless, well except a budget of course. Anyway, I’ve begun collecting ideas from the rest of the staff as to what they’d like to see done and adding some ideas of my own to a “master plan/strategy.” Everything from weekly email blasts and website maintenance to video production and graphic design has been added. Granted, I could do it all myself, but (a) what’s the fun in that and (b) I might go a little crazy, this is a volunteer side position after all.

Ultimately, I’m thrilled to join a fantastic staff of Harborites and look forward to growing the church through communications.


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